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Contest “Way to be a STAR” German Cup 2019

You can register up from one discipline until all four disciplines. For registration and prices as well choose menu item „Registration“.

All participants of Solo performing who register in 3 or 4 disciplines
are permitted to participate at the competition  “Queen of Germany 2019 PROFESSIOANAL FINAL TOUR”.

Where and when does the Contest take place

Date of the Competition: Sunday, march 10th
Start: 10am

Venue Contest
FZH Vahrenwald
Vahrenwalder Str. 92
30165 Hannover – Germany

Who and what

Age Categories: Adults up from 17 years
Levels: Application is open for all levels

Solo – All levels / All In

Group – All levels / All In  

Oriental (Classic)
Raks Sharki, Tarab, Mejanse, Modern Baladi, Modern Oriental, Oriental Pop Song
Allowed: short entrance with props (veil, cymbals) and short folkloric pieces inbetween the routines (max. 30 sec. per prop)

2. Drum Solo (CD / MP3)
All kind of drum solo, tabla solo, Percussion solo, from classic to modern, contemporary and any ethno styles like Afro, Tahitian and so on.

3. Folklore
Shaabi, Baladi, Saidi, Fallahi, Nubia, Haggala, Gawazi, Iraqi, Dabke, and so on…

4. Oriental Fusion – Fantasy – Tribal
All kind of Oriental-Tribal-Fusion-Modern Mixes, all kind of props, Tribal from ATS to all styles of Tribal Fusion, Bollywood, …

Music Limit
Solo max. 3.00  minutes
Group max. 4.00 minutes

Music has to be send by email in advance and correct length. You also have to bring a copy with you and you are responsible by yourself to control if your music works and matches with your entry number.

Jury & prizes

International judges
Yana Tsehotskaya (Ukraine), Alexey Parashchuk (Russia), Nikolas Kazakos (Greece), Marie Shokkos (France), Runa Esfand (Japan)

Evaluation criteria

1. Technique (maximum 25 points)
2. Choreography (maximum 25 points)
3. Image: costume & make up (maximum 25 points)
4. Artistry / stage presence (maximum 25 points)

The Prizes
Please find detailed information under menue item „Prizes”

Running Order & Rules

Round 1  –  WTBS German Cup
Open to all levels, adults up from 17 years, in 4 disciplines: Oriental, Drum Solo, Folklore, Oriental Fusion,

Round 2  –   WTBS Queen Germany  (PROFESSIONAL FINAL TOUR)
Participation at the PROFESSIONAL FINAL TOUR – Queen of Germany: participant needs to perform at the competition
“German Cup Round 1″ minimum 3 disciplines.

Your competition video(s) will be filmed professionally by Oldfrinx and released worldwide.
Competition discount: Each performance only 7, – € (standard price 30 €) for all WTBS competitors.

Oldfrinx – the most famous belly dance YouTube channel. The channel has existed 9 years. The channel has more than 7500 videos , more than 185 000 subscribers and 111 million views from 237 countries. Oldfrinx actively looking in the U.S.A, Europe and Asia. Video from this channel for many years are showing on Arab television. The channel Creator – Yurii Fionov.