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International Bellydance Project PROFESSIONAL FINAL Tour
“Way to be a STAR” Queen Germany 2019


You have booked successfully your participation as a solo dancer at the competition „German Cup 2019“ for minimum three categories. Now, you face the next challenge level: The PROFESSIONAL FINAL TOUR – Queen of Germany 2019“!

Where and when can you become the „Queen Germany“

Date of the Competition  Sunday, march 10th
Start: up to 1pm – Detailed Infos will come

Venue Contest
FZH Vahrenwald
Vahrenwalder Str. 92
30165 Hannover – Germany

The prices
Please find detailed information under menue item „Registration”

Running Order & Rules

Open for Solo up from 17 years of age
Attention: To participate and attend at the WTBS Queen Germany Cup – you need to dance and compete in the competition Round One (German Cup 2019) in minimum 3 of 4 categories of:

Oriental (Classics)
Drum Solo
Oriental Fusion – Fantasy – Tribal

The  Challenge at “Queen Germany 2019”:

Evaluation criteria 2nd round

Belly Dance Battle 1:1
The WTBS Queen
Germany will be selected by  “One-by-One” Belly Dance Battle.
Participants will dance improvised – one by one – different belly dance styles: oriental, shaabi, drum solo, fantasy. The music for the dance improvisation will be prepared by the WTBS Team spontaneously.
The international judges will choose the winner of the set, and this winner will compete in the next set with another dancer. Finally, there will be one final winner of Queen Germany 2019. The winner will be winner as well of the WTBS German Super Cup.

The prizes of “Queen Germany 2019”
1st Place for the WTBS Queen Germany 2019

  • flights & hotel
  • guest star
  • teacher
  • performer
  • international judge member in one of the worldwide WTBS partner festivals
  • amazing crown
  • more to come

Attention: All dancer of the WTBS Queen Germany Competition are also invited to participate at the WTBS World Champion Chip 2020.

Worldwide WTBS Festival Partners
Yana Tsehotskaya – Organizer WTBS Ukraine          

Nikolas Kazakos – Organizer WTBS Greece
Runa Esfan – Organizer WTBS Japan
Maria Shokkos – Organizer WTBS France
Yana Limareva – Organizer WTBS Russia
Asmahan El Zein – Organizer WTBS Germany