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Final Application Open Stage 2018

Call for Open Stage – How to apply

Step 1

  • Please send us your application with the form at the end of this site.
  • Please attach 2-3 photos
  • Photos have to be sent in high resolution up from 1 MB

Photos have to be named like below:
Name of the dancer_short personal description_name of the photographer

Example 1:  Ensemble Marrakesch_costume red_photo A. Elbing
Example 2:  Eliana Solo_London 13.04.2016_photo A. Elbing


Performance time on stage: Solo maximum 4 minutes, groups max. 5 minutes

Open Stage performance slot reservation requires to sign up workshops
Solo performer:            Please sign up at least one (1) workshop
Group performer:         50% of ensemble members will be ask to sign up at least one (1) workshop

Workshop schedule and booking form will be online up from 10th April
Please check out our webpage.

The Social Media promotion on your Facebook accounts is required. Also on your website or in your newsletters

Step 2

A few weeks before the festival you get an application form with the final Open Stage times. There you have to specify your desired performance times.
After that you will get your final information with your performance time slot and all information you need.

Please check out for updates also on this site.



Ja, ich habe die Datenschutzerklärung gelesen und akzeptiere diese*

Auftrittszeiten International Open Stage/performance times

Meine/unsere Wunschauftrittszeiten (leichte zeitliche Änderungen zu den Auftrittsuhrzeiten möglich)*
Wenn ihr flexibel seid in den Zeiten bzw. der Zeitraum egal ist, bitte alles markieren, was möglich ist!

I/we want to perform at (if possible, please mark all times if you are flexible in the performance time)

Samstag 15:00h/Saturday 3pmSamstag 16:15h/Saturday 4.15pmSamstag 17:30h/Saturday 5.30pm

Sonntag 13:00h/Sunday 1.00pmSonntag 14:15h/Sunday 2.15pm

Für unsere Zeitplanung - Zur Vermeidung von Überschneidungen bei Auftritten & Workshop-Buchungen nachfolgend kurz die Zeiten & Dozenten eurer gebuchten WSs notieren, damit wir planen können.

Please name your booked workshops below, so we can plan your performance time around these times

Ich habe folgende Workshops gebucht:
(Tag, Uhrzeit, Dozent)

I booked the following workshops (day, time, instructor)