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Application „Tribal Star 2018“

International Tribal Award 2018 –  Contest Details

Who can apply?
Only for soloists! This competition is intended for all semi-professional, professional dancers, as well as creative newcomers.

Registration: form at the bottom of this site



  • ATS / ITS / Tribal Fusion, Urban Tribal, Medieval style
  • Styles as Burlesque, Gypsy, Gothic Tribal, Industrial Tribal, Belly Fusion, Oriental Fusion,
  • Ethno Tribal Styles like: Bollywood, Gypsy, Afro-, Salsa-, Samba-, Flamenco Fusion

Max. length Music:
max. 4 min.

Application deadline: 15th of May 2018
You can contact us about applying after the deadline due to possible cancellations.

Application fee:
Soloists: € 35,00

Cancellation policy:
For cancellation made until 15.05.2018 – we will reimburse the fee as soon as possible.
Please understand that we can´t refund the entry fee by cancellation after the 15.05.2018

Payment options:
After the final confirmation of your participation, the attendance fee has to be transferred to the account below. Please make sure the fee arrives within two weeks on the following account:

Bank details:
Account holder: Arnhild Irle
Bank: Postbank Köln
Account: 685 060 506
Bank Code: 370 100 50
IBAN: DE15 3701 0050 0685 0605 06

Competition Schedule:

Date: Sunday, 2018, June 3rd
Start: 15.15h

  1. Presentation of the Jury (by short moderation)
  2. Short presentation with live drums / all together on stage
  3. Presentation of the soloists with live drum solo challenge
  4. Competition soloists
  5. Show program (jury votes will be evaluated)
  6. Announcement of winners

You will receive all other organizational details after your contest confirmation.

The number of contest participants is limited to 12 soloists

The venue:
TKH  – Turn Klubb zu Hanover
Maschstraße 16 · 30169 Hannover
Subway Line 1,2,4,5,6,8, 11
Tram Nr. 17,10
Bus 100, 200 – Station „Aegidientorplatz“

Jury: The contest jury will consist of nationally and internationally acclaimed dancers under the direction of  Patricia Zarnovican (Slovenia / DE)

Assessment criteria:
The jury will be assessing aspects like mastering the basic dance techniques (posture, isolation technique, basic movements), choreographic harmony or versatility of improvisation, the general level of dancing and range of movements, costume, hair-do and make-up, musicality, stage presence / expression, use of stage, for troupes: group harmony.

Prizes International Tribal Award 2018
In 2018 again the winners may look forward to extraordinary prizes:

  • Photo session with André Elbing, the world’s No. 1 Oriental Photographer, with a value of 500 €.
  • Performances/WS-participation at international Sister Festivals and events
  • Performances in the main shows and as invited WS-lecturer at the World of Orient and/or Tribal Festival 2019.

More details will be given about Facebook

This is what happened in the previous years:
Performance at the Gala Show; entrance to the contest; all workshops free at East Coast Classic Festival (USA)
Performance at the Gala Show and 3 free workshops at the Tribal Convention Nuremberg / Germany
Performance at the Opening / Closing Gala Show and all workshops free at the Tribal Festival
Flight to Tribal Fest Sebastopol, CA
performance and free workshops at “Tribal Weekend” in Kiew, Ukraine
performance and free workshops at “Tribal CPH” in Copenhagen, Denmark
performance and workshops at “Tribal Infusion Emporium II” in England
performance and free workshops at “Tribal Fest Prague” in Prague, Czech Republic
performance and free workshops at “Tribal Fest Split” in Split, Croatia
performance and free workshops at “Black Forest Festival” in Offenburg, Germany
performance and giving a workshop at “World of Orient” and Tribal Festival Hanover, Germany
performance and free workshops at East Coast Classic Bellydance Festival USA
performance & workshops Festival TribaLX Lissabon / Portugal

performance & workshops, Personal Feature at monthly Nakari Tribal Newsletter Caravanseray Vienna (Austria) u.v.m.

Attention: There is no right of appeal.

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