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Open Stage Registration

Please read the following information carefully. The Open Stage Registration Form you find at the end of the Terms

Performance days:      Saturday, March 3rd and Sunday, March 4th 2018
Location:                     WoO Trade Fair FZH Vahrenwald

Performance platforms

In 2018 we offer you two different stages for performances at the WoO trade fair
On both stages, there are possibilities to perform with live music

Stage location I                    Great Hall – Main Stage
Stage dimensions:                   5 x 8 qm
Capacity:                                 up to 400 spectators
Suitable for:                             Solo to Group
Performances with live band: Sunday, March 4th possible

Ambience: The large stage is located in the central Grand Hall of the trade fair venue FZH Vahrenwald

Stage location II                  Orient Show Cafe
Stage dimensions:                   4 – 6 qm
Suitable for:                             Solo / Duet
Capacity:                                 50/60 spectators
Performances with Livemusik: Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th March possible

Ambience: Charming and warm cafe-house setting with DJ, disco, live musicians, spontaneous jam sessions, meeting place of the stars and starlets of the scene.

Participation conditions

The minimum booking of a 2h WS is obligatory for all Open Stage participations.
For GROUPS that register for the Open Stage, at least 2 persons of the group should book a 2h WS.

A valid entrance ticket for the trade fair, which can be purchased as a day ticket or a 2-day ticket, is necessary for access to the exhibition booths.

Cost contribution for performances with live musicians / Live Band
Main stage                     50 €
Orient Show Café           30 €

Click here to view the playlist of the live musicians Mazzikatea

Maximum Performance Length CD / Mp3          Attention: Time will be strictly observed
3-4 Minutes                    Solo, Duet, Trio
3-5 minutes                    Group, Ensemble
Maximum performance length with Live music – according to the arrangement

Possible number of performances:
Because of the great demand for an appearance generally we can confirm actually one (1) performance.
In case you are a group director and you want to perform solo and with your group you have possibly to decide whether you would like to perform solo or with the group. Please speak with us about this. We will try to find a solution.

What’s next?
Timely & Organizational procedure up to your appearance.
After receiving your application, you will receive a reservation confirmation and you can start to  plan your travel, driving and hotel bookings.
The main challenge is to find the perfect time for your performances Sat & Sun in harmony with the booking of your workshops.

Please note the following:

1. Please wait for the publication of the workshop overview
2. Then choose your desired workshops and book them straightly
3. At the beginning of February 2018 you get the final application form – mark the possible Open Stage performances
4. If you book several WSs – there are enough times for performances on both days
5. Naturally we try to implement your wishes as best as possible.
6. You have – according to capacity – the choice of the performance day and the performance time, so that you can adjust this to everything else.
7. The exact date of your performance will be determined from the beginning / middle of February

How do I know my/our performance time?

To avoid collisions because your booked Workshops overlap timely with your Open Stage performance time the following information:
Only when everybody – especially group members – have the information with the WS times in hands and EVERYONE has found and booked his or her desired WS we will send the final performance times to you. This is expected to be at the beginning of February 2018

Further information about the venue, the artist’s wardrobe, the moderation, the contact person and so on will be online in the next few weeks.

Daily World of Orient informations:    Facebook:


Online application form HERE

FAQ Open Stage

I still have questions – how can I reach you
For any more questions please contact:
Please give 2-4 days to answer. We will try to respond as soon as possible.

When can I book the workshops?
The WS Shedule and booking form will be online at the latest from middle of December 2017

Gala ticket booking will be open from 1st of December

Your Fair ticket will be available at the box office

When will the printed flyers be sent?
Layout beginning December
Print  mid of Dec. before the Christmas holidays.
Shipping from the beginning of January 2018

Who can apply?
The stage is open for everyone how wants to share his passion of oriental dance with the audience like creative new comers, studio groups, hobby dancer, semi-professional, professional,

Which dance styles are in demand
The stage is open for any style like: Bellydance, Raks Sharki, Belly Fusion, Oriental Fusion, Ethno Tribal Styles like: Bollywood, Gypsy, Afro-, Salsa-, Samba-, Flamenco Fusion.
All kind of Tribal like: ATS / ITS / Tribal Fusion, Urban Tribal, Medieval style, Styles as Burlesque, Gypsy, Gothic Tribal, Industrial Tribal and many more.