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1st - 4th October in Hanover / Germany


Tribal-Festival Hannover 2020
12th  International Tribal-,  BellyFusion & World Dance  Festival


Exclusive Rachel Brice Single Workshops – description & conditions

Workshops are already sold out!

Workshop I

Costs: 90€
Thursday, October 1st: 3pm – 6pm

Time Bender – Workshop

From slow to fast and back again.
Learn combos that manipulate spacetime.
We’ll warm up, drill fundamental isolations that are suitable for all levels, and learn combos that incorporate those isolations.

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Workshop II

Costs: 60€
Sunday, October 4th: 3pm – 5pm


Guiding Priciples of Datura Style™ – Workshop

Combine American Cabaret and Fusion styles of belly Dance with a heady dose of rhythmic trickery, contrast, and dramatic quality changes. Chill. Lay these on a bed of rib cage circles, seemingly boneless arm work, and huge, relaxed hips for a double-layered-triple-threat. Serve hot.

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Registration starts on Saturday, February 15th at 10am CET.
Bookings received earlier will not be taken into account.

You will be required to complete the online application on

  • One application per person
  • Bookings received earlier will not be considered
  • The first 25 applicants receive a booking option for the Single Workshops
  • Once all spaces have been awarded, the applicant can be placed on the waiting list

We will notify you within 48 hours if you get one of the WS spaces. Please secure your Single WS booking by answering our email within 7 days and paying within 14 days. 
If we don’t hear back from you until 7 days after our notification, we will offer this WS space to the next person on the waiting list.


The bank account information will be sent to you with the booking confirmation.

  1. Payment in full 100% within 14 days after booking is confirmed
  2. If the booking option is not confirmed by the applicant within 7 days and then paid within 14 days – it will be passed on to the next applicant on the waiting list.

As soon as full payment is registered, the WS coupon will be sent promptly by email.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All payments, deposits and installments are NON REFUNDABLE
  • In the event of a cancellation, the organizer must be notified immediately in writing. The free space will then be offered to the next person on the waiting list. After we have allocated your place again, the amount already paid  – minus a cancellation fee of € 20 – will be transferred back.
  • Without the prior consent in writing from the organisers it is not allowed to pass your place to any other person.

Festival & Workshop location

ADTV Dance School Move & Dance
Gradestraße 22
30163 Hannover / Germany


There are various hotels and accommodation options very nearby. We will put the information online as soon as possible.
Stay tuned

More to know:
The language of instruction will be in english.

For any question please contact the Tribal Festival artistic director
Patricia Zarnovican:

Patricia – Tribal Fusion Bellydance
International Performer & Instructor
Tribal Style Hannover