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WS Booking Notes and Help

Hints for workshop booking

We try to avoid to use too much paper. That’s why we operate online most oft he time (e.g. Workshop-PDF instead of paper coupons).

Registration Form
You can fill in the PDF registration form from our website on your computer.
Please go ahead like this:

  • Download the registration form and save it on your computer
  • Fill in the form that is saved and save it again
  • Send the form as attachment tot he WS-Coordinator. No original signature required – the electronical on it is sufficient.

Also, you can print the form to fill it in by hand and send it by post to the WS-coordinator.
Please write well legible block letters.

Please note that we may not be possible to edit incomplete or illegible forms or flyer.

Alternative Workshops
You don’t necessarily need to indicate an alternative workshop. Just leave blank space.

Multiple Bookings (several persons)
Bookings for several people with one registration form is possible.
Please remember to write down the names of the other participants because the workshop coupons are issued personally.

The workshop bookings are usually processed on a daily basis.
If there is no ambiguity, the booking will be registered and at the same time the participant receives a booking confirmation by e-mail.

As soon as the payment is registered, the coupons will be sent by e-mail, in exceptional cases by mail.
The advantage of the online-booking-system is that there is no time delay due to postal routes as well as bookings from abroad can be processed and handled promptly.
Additionally, it is possible to book up until immediatly before the event.

(SEPA transfer sample below)

After you received the booking confirmation, transfer the total amount directly.
Avoid the transfer of workshop fees before the workshop has been booked at all.

In the meantime, if individual workshops are no longer bookable and no alternative workshops are listed on the registration form, you will be automatically informed by the workshop coordinator.

Receips, Vouchers and Invoices
Receipts, invoices and vouchers are gladly provided with the booking, in the organizer’s office and a maximum of 6 weeks after the event. Thereafter, the booking is closed and the data are no longer available (outsourced).

Data Protection
The personal data collected during registration is for internal purposes only and is not made accessible to third parties. With the registration, a contract is made between the participant(s) and the organizer. Therefore, it is necessary to request certain information about the person.

 SEPA transfer sample: