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Project & Contest „Way to be a Star“

Organizers of the project – Yana Tsehotskaya, Alexey Parashchuk and Oldfrinx Belly Dance youtube channel.

The aim of the project is to find the most talented and professional dancers in every country. We want to find the best professionals in each country and give them the opportunity to work with international stars and become one of them.

Under the brand «WAY TO BE A STAR» the contest will be organized actualy under national patronage in seven countries and supported by the internationally positioned youtube channel Oldfrinx.

Team & Jury
Yana Tsehotskaya (Ukraine) – Director
Alexey Parashchuk (Russia) – Co-Director
Oldfrinx (Ukraine) – Project Organizer
Nikolas Kazakos (Greece) – Organizer WTBS Greece
Runa Esfan (Japan) – Organizer WTBS Japan
Maria Shokkos (France) – Organizer WTBSFrance

Organizer WTBS Germany
Asmahan El Zein (Germany)
Mobile 0049 171 5123 511 (WhatsApp)

International Belly Dance channel

Oldfrinx – the most famous worldwide Belly Dance YouTube channel. The channel has existed 9 years. The channel has over 7500 videos, 108.500 subscribers and 115 million views from 237 countries. Oldfrinx actively looking in the U.S.A, Europe and Asia. Video from this channel for many years are showing on Arab television. The channel Creator – Yurii Fionov.

He was recording a video of the very famous dancers:
Yana Tsehotskaya (Ukraine), Alexey Parashchuk (Russia), Hanan Abrahim (Crimea), Marie Shokkos (France), Alla Kushnir (Ukraine) , Daria Mitskevich (Ukraine), Elena Ramazanova (Russia), Alexey Riaboshapka (Ukraine), Marta Korzun (Crimea), Nino Muchaidze (Russia), Orit Maftsir (Israel), Katia Eshta (Egypt),  Artem Uzunov (Russia), Ekaterina Oleinikova (Ukraine) , Asi Haskal (Israel), Azad Kaan (Germany), Gulden Fatkulla (Kazakhstan), Luxor (Russia), Ryan Yanguochao (China), Sharon Kihara (USA), Edenia (USA), Manca Pavli (Slovenia), Olga Artemenkova (Finland) , Olga Sherekate (Kazakhstan) and others.

Learn more about Team & Jury

Yana Tsehotskaya (Ukraine)
Director of “Way to be a STAR”
Yana Tsehotskaya – professional performer of oriental dance.

The choreographer of individual and group performances, the pedagogue (teacher) of workshops all over the world, acknowledged worldwide as the master of the Iraqi style. The director of her own dance school “Antares” already 9 years.

The winner of competitions and festivals in Ukraine and abroad of various dance organizations:
– Multiple Champion of Ukraine
– Champion of Russia
– Winner of Moscow Cup
– Winner of World Cup
– Winner of Cairo Mirage Festival 2013
– Winner of the action „Person of the Year“ in the nominations The best pedagogue of workshops, The best dancer of  Super Star category

Alexey Parashchuk

Alexey Parashchuk is a professional teacher, choreographer  of oriental and classical dances. Winner of many contests and championships. He created his own unique style and actively gives master classes and seminars on belly dance in Europe and Asia.

He received his education at the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Art at the faculty of choreography – teacher – choreographer. He received his second education at the Magadan State School of Art at the Faculty of „Festival Director“. In cooperation with Yana Tsehotskaya and Oldfrinx Belly Dance YouTube channel he is the organizer of the international Belly Dance project „Way to be a star“.

Alexey is Winner of competitions and festivals like:
– the world champion in belly dancing among men

– multiple champion of Russia in belly dancing among men

In addition to oriental dance (belly dance), he has other dances: classical, modern, folk, hip-hop, etc.

Nikolas Kazakos (Greece)

Nikolas Kazakos is an International Belly dance artist, performer, teacher and entertainer. He is the owner with Lia Verra of the „Let’s Dance Bellydance Productions“ in Greece. Born and raised in a Greek town near the border of Greece and Turkey, where he has established his culture and principle in oriental dance. In an early age he learned and participated in Greek traditional dances.

Studied bellydancing with legendary Turkish ang Egyptian dancers. Studies in Scenography and Costume at Theatre, Cinema and Television in Cultural Institute of Thessaloniki. In 2010, in cooperation with Lia Verra, he has created the Lets Dance Bellydance Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece. Nikolas Kazakos has his own elegant, dignified and majestic unique style. He is a professional belly dancer and performer for over 10 years now.

Marie Shokkos

Marie Shokkos is a famous french bellydancer located in Paris. She started to dance in a musical at the famous „Institut du Monde arabe Theatre“ in Paris. After she won a competition in a very prestigious school in Paris named „École du Marais“, she started to be invited in big Festivals everywhere in France, Italy, Switzerland… to dance, teach and judge competitions.

Another passion of Marie is Tahitian dance. Bellynesian, mix between tamure and drum solo. Drum solo style maked her famous around the world: Spain, England, Ukraine, Russia and others.She has unique style and very powerfull hips. 
Since 9 years she is organizing the Festivals „Weekend de Stages Intensifs“ and the most famous „Glitter of the Desert“.

Runa Esfand (Iran – Japan)

Runa – professional bellydancer, instructor and choreographer.

Her father is an Iranian and she was exposed to belly dance at the restaurant which her father runs. In addition to oriental dance, she also specializes in Persian dance and also famous as the only one Japan’s Iraqi dancer. She is a teacher in Shuru belly dance studio in Japan. For many years they have been organizing festivals and gala shows „Roksana“. And she is the organizer of International Belly Dance Project „Way to be a Star“ in Japan

Activity proof as performer and instructor
2016 Asia Oriental Dance Festival in KOREA Seoul
2016 ODSS Oriental dance super star in CHINA Guangzou
2017 AIOD in KOREA Seoul
2017 KISS Festival in KOREA Seoul
2017 Al Hayat Festival in Ukraina Kiev
2017 ODSS in CHINA Guangzou
2018 AIOD in KOREA Seoul
2018 Bellycious Festival in Malaysia
2018 WAY TO Be a STAR in Ukraina Odessa
…and others