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Open Stage 2020

We look forward to receiving your informal application.
What does an informal application look like?

1. short confirmation that you have read the conditions etc on the website
2. briefly describe what you would like to do / to dance
3. titles / dance etc. can still be changed until we send you the final registration. You have time until the end of January.

Application form

Achtung! Alle Open Stage Bewerbungen nur noch auf Warteliste! All Open Stage performances only waiting list!


Gerne auch Fotos / You can send photos as well
Fotos bitte per Extra-Mail an / please send your photos to:

Bitte jedes Foto wie folgt benennen, damit wir es besser einsortieren und wiederfinden können
Please name each photo as follows:



Ja, ich habe die Konditionen auf dieser Website gelesen und akzeptiere diese
Yes, I read the conditions on this website*


Performance Info
Time: Saturday, March 7th & Sunday, March 8th, 2020

Venue: Main Stage Tanzmesse FZH Vahrenwald – 5 x 8 meter

Participation Conditions
For all Solo Open Stage participations, the booking of a 2h-workshop is obligatory. For GROUPS signing up for the Open Stage, at least 50% of the group members should also book a 2h WS.

Access to the exhibition stages requires a valid ticket for the trade fair, which can be purchased as a day ticket or a 2-day ticket on the cash box.

Maximum Performance Length CD / Mp3 – Attention: Time is to be strictly respected
3-4 minutes Solo, Duet, Trio
3-5 minutes Group, Ensemble

Possible number of performances
In order to be able to offer everyone take part on the Open Stage stages, we can accept first only one (1) performance. 

How is this continuing?
Time & Organizational Process until your Appearance
We will send you a reservation confirmation so you can plan your stay at the fair, such as travel, travel and hotel bookings.

Please wait for the publication of the workshop overview. Then choose your desired workshops and book them.
The exact time of your appearance will decide from beginning / middle of February.

We will inform you about every step that is nessessary.

Daily WoO information always at

If you still have questions please contact